We Will Not..

21687593_10155140912956312_6072854749757061699_n (1).jpg
i want to be scared
forced to
i want you to press
your fingers in between my individual
like lovers lacing knuckles
and graze your dirty and slightly too long irregular nails across
the stretched out and underused tissue of my

currently in development

What is fear and what does it do to you?
can it be funny? 
does it turn you on?
push you to the lips of strangers?
render you silent or make you scream?

Inspired by the dadaists and horror anthology films, Brisbane's most loved and hated theatrical devils take on the gamut of the horror genre and nothing is off limits.. radio dramas, german expressionist film, vampire porn, youtube scare pranks, parasites, possession and Tiny Tim - all go in the blender and what comes out is a mystery..

with Chris Beckey, Nicole Harvey, Thomas Hutchins, Nerida Matthaei, Cienda McNamara, Stephen Quinn, Lucinda Shaw, Peta Ward, Mitch Wood and Steven Mitchell Wright

development images by Melina Wightman