the danger ensemble are a theatre company. they make contemporary and experimental theatre, dislike superfluous adjectives and strive never to be boring.

Polly Sara in The Wizard of Oz rehearsals.  Photo by Dylan Evans.


The Danger Ensemble are an award winning contemporary and experimental theatre company steered by Steven Mitchell Wright (director/designer), Ben Hughes (lighting designer) and Chris Beckey (actor and writer) that have worked extensively from Queensland since 2007.

Pursuing an understanding of contemporary form and audiences their work has stretched the gamut from reinvented classics Macbeth and The Wizard of Oz, to live-art experiments We Will Not Kiss Touch Frighten You in the Dark and CALIGULA, to punk-cabaret musical Who Killed Amanda Palmer and new works Loco Maricon Amor and The Hamlet Apocalypse.

In 2018, The Danger Ensemble relocate to Melbourne to deepen existing collaborations and to explore partnerships with new artists, venues and audiences.