Sons of Sin

Loco Maricon Amor.  Photo by Morgan Roberts

a wild, exhausting, worthy ride. Wear a raincoat. Pick your poison.
— Zenobia Frost

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another
Proverbs 27:17

What makes a man a man?

Sons of Sin lays bare the hopes, dreams and expectations of young men moving through rites of passage and across a minefield of history, pressures, demands and taboos towards manhood.

Classical text collides with raw confession. A lone voice stands against a call of the pack. Killers rise, angels fall. Love and brotherhood survive?

Featuring a bold and fearless cast of twenty-something male actors and riding a tidal wave of eclectic, cataclysmic beats and a haunting soundtrack (created and played live by the UK’s Henry Collins, aka The artist formally known as Shitmat, Planet Mu) SONS OF SIN inhabits an open, immersive space, placing the audience in the belly of the beast.

Part confessional, part music festival, a sporting match, a drinking game, a punch in the balls and a whole lot of testosterone, SONS OF SIN opens up the heart of manhood in crisis.


originally produced with and presented at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts as a part of the Fresh Ground Program and supported by the Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks.

this production is available to tour